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Planning a vacation can take days or weeks of preparation. Things to think about are: Where to go? Where to stay? How you are going to get there? Where to eat? What fun things can we do?


Reading reviews from other travelers is time consuming but necessary to make sure you are picking the right hotels and cruise lines. We do this for you.

Save yourself from the headache that comes with all this planning. We have the time and experience to help you find the best travel and cruise deals and upgrades. We can help with all these needs, as well locating the best places to stay without paying hefty prices. And we have great travel tips to help you navigate around while staying safe wherever you go.



"We were so happy having someone else plan our travel for a change.  Diane came highly recommended as she has been on 7 cruises and knows the Caribbean very well.  Our anniversary trip was splendid.  She went above and beyond to let us know the places to go and the ones to avoid.  We traveled through the Virgin Islands and it was amazing.  We couldn’t decide to spend the extra money on a balcony and Diane said we will be happy we did.  It was amazing to drink coffee on our balconies while in port.  We are excited to take another cruise in the future.  Thank you your amazing planning of our trip."

—  Russ & Melinda T.


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